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Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Degree Programme in English

Bachelor programmes at UCT Prague last for three years. According to the new accreditation system, our department guarantee lectures, seminars and praxis in the bachelor's programme:

Chemistry and Technology (Faculty of Chemical Engineering) - AB408  Guarantor: Assoc. Prof. Karel Řehák

Specialization - Chemistry

The main aim of the study programme is to prepare the graduates to further Master degree study programme in related branches at the UCT Prague, or to be ready to acquire qualified positions in a specialized workplace. Graduates have excellent theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experience in basic natural scientific disciplines and might either continue in further studies or aspire to find a specialized job in a related field of engineering they have studied. The graduates are prepared to acquire qualified jobs in production plants of chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, in research and development laboratories oriented towards chemistry and technology, in inspecting, supervisory and monitoring laboratories and agencies, in commerce and state administration.


Lectures, seminars and laboratories

Analytical Chemistry I (S402002) - lectures Guarantor: Prof. Vladimír Setnička

Analytical Chesmitry I (S402002) - seminars Guarantor: Dr. Magda Vosmanská

Analytical Chemistry: Laboratory I (S402003) Guarantor: Dr. Magda Vosmanská

Analytical Chemistry II (S402004) - lectures  Guarantor: Assoc. Prof. Kamil Záruba

Analytical Chemistry II (S402004) - seminars  Guarantor: Dr. Magda Vosmanská

Analytical Chemistry: Laboratory II (S402007) Guarantor: Dr. Magda Vosmanská

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