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Research and Development

The research at the Department of Analytical Chemistry is very wide, including studies from molecules in the gas phase to sophisticated analyses of complex biosystems. In research projects, not only high-end chromatographic (GC-, LC-MS), electrochemical and spectroscopic (UV-VIS, IR, CD, ROA, NMR) techniques are used but also original optical and electrochemical sensors or unique spectroscopic systems in microwave to terahertz regions, which are able to distinguish even the hyperfine effects caused by nuclear spins, are used to solve complicated problems. These include development of new diagnostic methods for serious and degenerative diseases (cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, etc.), development of new techniques for forensic science (offender profile by odor trace, digitization of odor signatures, drug profiling, drug counterfeiting analysis, etc.), stability analysis and dosage forms of pharmaceuticals, identifying new free radicals and molecular fragments for astrophysical research or developing and validating new methods of analyzing specific samples.

The scope of activities of individual groups is determined by particularly solved grant projects, but also by students' interest in obtaining a professional qualification. When solving projects, there is cooperation not only with foreign and domestic institutions but also among themselves, therefore some of the employees of the Department are listed in more working groups.
In addition to teaching staff and researchers, they are per se considered to be individual groups of doctors who have a significant proportion of participants in the scientific performance of the Department of Analytical Chemistry. Specific topics of their doctoral theses are listed in the SIS and are listed in the list of doctoral students on our website.

Research groups

Name Leader Contact
Forensic Olfactronics Prof. Š. Urban Stepan.Urban(at)vscht.cz
Electroanalytical Methods Assoc. Prof. T. Šiškanova Tatjana.Siskanova(at)vscht.cz
Microwave and Terahertz Spectroscopy Prof. Š. Urban Stepan.Urban(at)vscht.cz
NMR and Molecular Recognition Assoc. Prof. B. Dolenský Bohumil.Dolensky(at)vscht.cz
Atomic Spectrometry Prof. O. Mestek Oto.Mestek(at)vscht.cz
Vibrational Spectrometry Prof. V. Setnička Vladimir.Setnicka(at)vscht.cz
Chiroptical Methods Prof. V. Setnička Vladimir.Setnicka(at)vscht.cz
Separation Methods Assoc. Prof. D. Sýkora David.Sykora(at)vscht.cz
Radioanalytical methods   Assoc. Prof. P. Řezanka   Pavel.Rezanka(at)vscht.cz
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