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Analytical chemistry is a multidisciplinary field using knowledge from the different fields of chemistry and physics to determine the atomic and molecular composition of samples, the structure and conformation of molecules, intermolecular interactions and morphology in the condensed phase, or to analyze the quantitative representation of atoms and molecules in a sample. It is based mainly on the knowledge of physical chemistry, chemical physics, and electrochemistry, but also on the results of mathematical statistics, quantum mechanics, quantum chemistry, biochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry and in recent decades also knowledge in electronics, computer technology and signal processing.

Methods of chemical analysis have extensive applications. It is not just chemistry itself, analytical chemistry finds vital applications in medicine in diagnostic methods, in pharmacy, in forensic sciences, in environmental studies, in the food industry, in the cosmetics industry, in the material sciences, in physiology, in the military, in meteorology, space research, automotive, metallurgy, energy, and many other fields.

The Institute of Analytical Chemistry provides teaching of all courses with codes x402xxx (EIS). These are the basic subjects, which include Analytical Chemistry I and II, and the subjects for the individual bachelor, master, and doctoral programs.
In addition to theoretical education, great emphasis is placed on mastering practical work and basic and advanced techniques in laboratories. Therefore, individual laboratories are equipped with a sufficient number of quality instruments allowing each student to work alone in pairs.
Among the disciplines at ICT Prague, graduates of analytical chemistry have an unrivaled position in the labor market.

For information about bachelor and master programs in English click here

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